Butterfly valve factory

POV VALVE is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was established in 2003. The factory is located in Wuhu Industrial Zone, Anhui, China. It is a company that develops, processes and manufactures marine butterfly valves. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of mid-line butterfly valves, eccentric butterfly valves and lining PFA butterfly valves. export to more than 80 countries More than 500 customers all over the world


Butterfly valve machine

POV VALVE COMPANY is a High-Tech enterprise with the high-precision processing lathes,such as: CNN, CNC machining center and so on, to guarantee the processing precision of butterfly valve disc, valve shaft and valve body.


Butterfly valve assembly

We have advanced installation equipment and experienced installation workers to confirm the quality of the butterfly valve.


Butterfly valve inspection

Professional butterfly valve inspection tool, valve plate center inspection, valve material chemical composition, rubber detection, valve plate surface finish


Butterfly valve housing pressure test

Butterfly valve housing pressure test, butterfly valve seal test to ensure that each butterfly valve is qualified before leaving the factory


Valve body valve stock

We have a large number of valve body and valve plate blanks, made of QT450, CF8, CF8M, CF3M,Bronze
Main medium
QT450:Water, steam, oil
CF8:For caustic substance like nitric acid
CF8M:Acetic acid etc
Bronze:Water, steam, gas etc


Seat seal stock

We have a large number of seat rubbers: EPDM, VITON, NBR, PTFE
Buna-NBR:(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber ) has good tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.It is also resistant to hydrocarbon products.It is a good general-service material for use in water,vacuum,acid,salts,alkalines,fats,oils,greases,hydraulic oils and ethylene glycol. Buna-N can not use for acetone,ketones and nitrated or chlorinated hydrocarbons.
EPDM rubber: is a good general-service synthetic rubber used in hot-water, drinks, milk product systems and those containing ketones, alcohol, nitric ether esters and glycerol. But EPDM can not use for hydrocarbon based oils, minerals or solvents.

Hydraulic actuator butterfly valve